Welcome to the Analog Files! This accessible website contains minimal JavaScript and no CSS or anything else that will slow down your browsing experience.

Written in HTML 4.01 Transitional typical of the time of its release, this website aims to present content quickly without distractions or visual add-ons. Unlike most modern websites, it is still optimized for slow connections and text-based access from terminals and teletypes.

This website is optimized for slow connections, ranging from 56kbps (56,000 bps) to 300bps, including acoustic coupler connections. 56kps connections should not encounter any delays at all.
This website is also optimized for text-based web browsers, such as Line Mode Browser (the 2nd browser ever created) and Lynx.
Finally, this site is optimized for computer terminals, dumb terminals, and teletype machines. It will also work seamlessly with more modern browsers and allows for easy printing.